Rob Hemmings came to visit us here at Jagex. All of the team gained valuable insight into detailed methods that use simple techniques to get the best from blocking and refining animation. The course is practical and the better for it and we all produced a fine piece of work which most of us will be using on our personal reels. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob and his course for your animation team/studio. His teaching style is laid back but really incisive, as a 15 year veteran I still found myself hungrily learning the tips and tricks he was teaching us. The course was excellent value as the concepts can directly be used on our project in cut scene production, and the work flow ideas have an even larger and longer lasting impact. Thumbs up and five stars!“ 
5 Day On Site Classes  -  Creature Course

Roger Barnett
Animation Manager, Transformers Universe
Jagex Games Studio

Learn Animation Online or in Class.

3D Realistic Creature Animation School, Stop Motion Animation School, 3D Character Animation School.


Creature school student Jocelyn Sy storyboard created to plan the cat animation seen above

Cat thumbnails


Our speedy Stop Motion Tutor at work on Frakenweenie, a crazy number of monkeys - notice Chucks own change of clothes -
gives an idea of how many days work this sequence required!



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"Doing some creature work with Double Negative, spent a year in Canada working at Cinesite before that. Using the skills I learnt from the course!"
- Sawan Thakrar, student of the Online 6 Month Creature Animation Course

"I'm working on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice right now. I'm happy to be working on feature films, finally!"
- Kahye Hwang student of the Online 6 Month Creature Animation Course


  • Ignacio Santamaria

    Ignacio Santamaria

    Previs Animator / Shot Creator
    at The Third Floor
    I recently finished a course with Rob and the experience was amazing!
    With an outstanding eye for detail and knowledge, he quickly provides very good feedback and really push your limits forward.
    Simple, quick and efficient. If you want to raise your creature animation skills, this course is the right choice

  • Eugene Mishchenko

    Eugene Mishchenko

    The approaches I’ve discovered on the course are very difficult to find out for oneself. It's vitally important to be criticized by an experienced animator, because this is the only way to level up and Rob definitely shows how to jump above one's head. Even after finishing the course I'm eager to learn more & decided to continue polishing my skills with Rob.

  • Raphael Sousa

    Raphael Sousa

    freelance animator
    Rob is doing an amazing job with the 3D Creature Animation Course.
    His approach and his attention to details make this course a great resource for anyone that is serious about animation.
    Besides that he is also a recruiter and he can put you in contact with that great studio that you are trying to talk to. :-) !
    It was an amazing experience and I recommend it!

  • Harinarayan Rajeev

    Harinarayan Rajeev

    Animator at Industrial Light & Magic
    The amount of knowledge which Rob shared with me during the course tenure was really helpful and informative, that it not only improved my eye for detail for creature animation but for all kinds of animations.He is really friendly and has good level of patience and is very good in his field of expertise...i am really looking forward to working with him on some interesting project/s in the future :)

  • Michael Morgan

    Michael Morgan

    Character Animator/ Creative Artist/ Nurishment for the Soul!
    Rob Hemmings Animationateam course is simply the number one place to learn creature animation!
    Rob has the ability to teach the fine details of what makes realistic creature animation work. He knows how to look at your work and help you explore ways in which to plus the performance.
    Robs amazing workflow and generous nature is what makes this course truly special.
    I learnt a ton from Rob and recommend his course to anyone that wants to really understand the ins and outs of animal behaviour and creature animation.

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Visual Effects and Games Online Creature Animation School And Recruitment

"You will create far better performances with fantasy creatures after completing studies of the real ones first"

Examples Of Student Work at 3D Online Creature Animation School - from rob hemmings.

animation by 3 Month online Creature Course student Paul Unders

"Thanks to you I got the job at Rockstar Games, without the creature animation course it would have been much harder for me to reach this level. Mentioning I have done creature animation course in my resume greatly helped me in getting the job.
" Deepak Ventraman

"I really want to thank you for everything you taught me, it's no small improvement to my workflow, instead it's been a massive turnaround to help me observe movement in a whole new light! I applied your workflow to my two other characters and found the process really manageable and with results I was proud of. Something I know I could never have achieved alone. So once again, thank you!" Alex Potts

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Want to become a better animator? Learn how to sharpen your eye on one of our Animation Courses. See what our students are saying about us here.

Animation A Team is traditionally the Online Creature Animation School based in Buckinghamshire, we now also run a great Stop Motion Animation Course and Character Animation Course. From our location close to London, we offer a wide range of vocational online and on-site courses to beginner, intermediate and experienced animators from around the world.

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In addition to our animation school, we also offer a recruitment service. With an extensive database of experienced professionals, we can match the animator with the right skills to your project. No matter how big or small your project is, we can source the best talent available to suit your budget.

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  • John Carter (Disney)
  • 10,000 BC
  • Harry Potter Movies
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
  • Iron Man 2
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • The Dark Knight
  • James and the Giant Peach
  • Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Frankenweenie
  • The Chronicles of Narnia

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