Animation A Team proudly presents our new realistic creature rigs

(Sell your MAYA creature rig from our store - 50% commission paid - more info here)

Bring your animations to life with our – realistic rigs. Creating lifelike texture of fur and hair, your animal animations can be taken to the next level.

Although our new rigs cannot be purchased in our online store, they are available to students of the 3, 6 or 8 month online Creature Animation courses.

The realistic rigs are available for sale here, modelled and textured (including fur) by Massimo Righi (massimorighi.com).

Cat and wolf rigs are skinned and rigged by animationateam.com.

Please note: The fur is made with Shave and a Haircut for Maya. We provide FREE fur rendering of one sequence on the 6 and 8 month courses. (Course fees must be paid in full, environmental texturing not included).

Buy our traditional rigs today

Older rigs can still be used on our creature animation courses or purchased from the store.

Rigs available for purchase include:

  • Puppy
  • Wolf
  • Cat
  • Baboon
  • Fox

The Comic Character rigs

online animation school characters
With the Morpheus rig you can design your own character, so not restricted to just this assortment of oddballs!


Stop Motion Armature

Armature supplied by animationaTeam.com

....... Our new Free Armacreature Armature!

The Grand Master of Stop Motion, Ray Harryhausen presents Armacreature!
A professional armature kit with limitless possibilities! Build your creature an characters from scratch using over a 100 stainless steel professional parts.

armature1 armature2
armature4 armature5 

Two piece foot with tie down

For more information about any of the above rigs, contact our team today here.

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